Audie Rose Quartz Ring

Audie Rose Quartz ring from SVP jewellery – A 22ct gold vermeil adjustable gemstone ring featuring a beautiful rose quartz gemstone. This ring comes with it’s own unique gemstone meaning card.






Audie Rose Quartz Ring

Meet Audie, a new adjustable gemstone ring from SVP jewellery. Simple, dainty and made to improve your appearance all year long. SVP's handmade rings have a little baguette of gorgeous hand-cut rose quartz gemstone mounted on the iconic adjustable recycled 18-carat gold vermeil bands.

  • Made from 18ct gold vermeil sterling silver
  • Ring band is adjustable and fits any finger
  • Total length is approx.12cm

One of the most effective stones for deep-level self-healing is rose quartz. Pure love and light are vibrated by it. Anyone who has experienced any form of prior neglect, a shattered heart, or a tragic event involving love is the ideal candidate for this stone. Any obstructions held inside the Heart Chakra can be cleared only by holding this stone.

A truly gorgeous gemstone ring for women.

Product Code: SVR240


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