SVP Jewellery Shine On Hope Pyrite Silver Ring

Sterling silver pyrite gemstone adjustable ring.


The Shine on Hope adjustable ring collection by SVP jewellery was inspired by feelings. How we are feeling now and how we’d like to feel.

Each gemstone has been especially chosen for its depth of colour and gemstone meaning, these adjustable rings shine a ray of light as we emerge through troubled times into new beginnings, helping to make your world brighter and definitely more sparklier.

Crystal Meaning

Pyrite: Protect me.

Pyrite is all about protection. This stone is said to shield and protect its wearer in every way possible. And is said to build up stamina and confidence, helping to forge strength and new leadership qualities.

It’s helps to clear away negative energy, it cleanses and helps you feel strong and peaceful.

Gemstone size: 6mm x 6mm

Made from Recycled Sterling Silver

Size: Fits any finger

Product Code: SVR205



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