Are you looking for a birthday gift in February? why not make it personal and treat them to a gorgeous February birthstone. Choose from a range of amethyst earrings, a stunning amethyst necklace, amethyst rings or an amethyst chain bracelet. Luceir birthstone jewellery is available in sterling silver or gold vermeil.


A positive purple form of quartz, and one of the most fashionable gemstones. Amethyst is a gorgeous purple-hued stone associated with positive energy.

A popular gemstone that symbolises personal empowerment and strength. A stone that has also long been a favourite in royal collections throughout Europe and Asia.

So if you are a fan of complementary and alternative medicine then amethyst is perfect for you. A gemstone with healing properties to help restore tranquilly and calm.

Amethyst, which stems from the Greek word ‘amethystos’ which rather comically translates ‘a treatment against drinking’. This stone has long been used to counteract the negative effects of alcohol (A great secondary meaning for your bestie who always wants one more drink!). With its purple, wine-like tint, Greek mythology identified the gem with Bacchus. Bacchus is the god of wine. It is believed a titan named Rhea gave the god of wine an amethyst to help keep his sanity.

The gemstone was also utilised in ancient times to ensure the wearer was clear-headed and quick-witted in battle and business.

Amethyst will also make the perfect Valentine’s day gift. It has long been suggested Saint Valentine wore an amethyst ring with a carved figure of Cupid on it.

In today’s world, the power of amethyst is still very much alive. Although it was originally thought to be almost as rare as diamond, it is now considerably more common (and affordable!). Because of its hardness and endurance, it can be cut into a variety of shapes, creating gorgeous amethyst jewellery gifts.


February Birthstone - Amethyst - Silverado Jewellery
February Birthstone - Amethyst - Silverado Jewellery
February Birthstone - Amethyst - Silverado Jewellery