Want your jewellery to stay looking clean and shiny? Here are a few tips to ensure your favourite jewellery lasts longer…

We recommend removing all jewellery overnight, particularly chains and necklaces to avoid breakage. Gold vermeil is a surface finish and will wear over time. To ensure gold plated items last longer, be sure to avoid contact with perfumes and chemicals and remove jewellery when bathing or swimming.

This will also help prevent sterling silver pieces from tarnishing. It is also advisable to remove any rings when washing your hands. If you need to do the washing up we would suggest removing any plated rings and bracelets, alternatively, you could find a willing volunteer!

To help prevent tarnishing and oxidisation it is best to store your jewels in their original box or in an air-tight grip bag when they are not being worn.

You can polish sterling silver items with a silver cleaning cloth or silver dip which can be found in most hardware stores. It is best to avoid cleaning or polishing plated items with any chemical solutions as it can cause the gold to wear away. If you need to clean plated jewellery it is best to buff them with a soft cloth.

Most importantly we want you to love wearing your jewellery and treasure it for years to come! These are just our suggestions to ensure your jewellery lasts longer.

If you have any further questions or queries feel free to contact us by email at or give us a call on 01273 735 040.