January Birthstone Jewellery


Garnet Birthstone jewellery makes a gorgeous gift for any January birthday girl. Choose from a range of earring styles, bracelets, necklaces and rings by our handpicked jewellery designer Luceir.

The stone garnet offers a deep rich shade of ruby red and is complimented perfectly with either a sterling silver or gold vermeil finish. This classic red birthstone is believed eliminate negative feelings which make it such a prominent gift for this particular month –  a welcome gift to banish those January blues! The Garnet stone is also said to increase self-assurance, mental clarity, creative thinking, and peace of mind, all of which are qualities we’d be happy to have to start a new year.

Garnet, which is the birthstone for January and has the meaning “pomegranate,” and has a striking red colour. Actually, the term “garnet” refers to a group of minerals that all have vivid red and orange hues.

Garnets are extremely durable stones that aren’t prone to chipping readily because of the manner they form. Additionally, garnet is one of the only gemstones that receives no gemological treatments at all. This makes it exceptionally pure and unique.

Due to its connection to the heart chakra, garnet is a symbol of love. Attracting love with garnet has stronger connections because it is connected to energy, blood, the heart, and inner fire.