November birthstone jewellery is the perfect present for someone who celebrates a birthday in the winter month.  Handpicked contemporary jewellery designer Lucier offers a complete collection of birthstone jewellery in sterling silver and gold vermeil. Available in all our Silverado Jewellery stores and online from our website.

Citrine is the birthstone for November with yellow and orange hues. It will brighten up your mood and inject a pop of colour that will compliment your autumn wardrobe

Looking for a gift? Whether it’s a straightforward ring, a striking necklace, or a stylish pair of earrings, nothing will make the recipient happier than receiving jewellery with the November birthstone. Additionally, if your birthday falls in November and you’re in the market for a new accessory, why not treat yourself?

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Gemstone Citrine, has recently been introduced as a secondary birthstone for November, although that doesn’t mean it hasn’t long been valued for its qualities and beautiful appearance.

A gemstone that dates back to the ancient Greeks who sculpted ornaments out of citrine, the Roman pontiffs who wore citrine rings, and was hugely popular in Victorian Scotland. 

As one of the most accessible and sought-after yellow gemstones today. Citrine comes in golden hues ranging from pale yellow to deep orange. Citrine stones are primarily created by heating amethyst or smokey quartz.

Because it has traditionally been believed to boost life and energy. This gemstone is often referred to as “healing quartz.” In fact, it might bring the wearer fortune and abundance, according to Chinese feng shui theory.