Alex Monroe trained at the London School of Art, Architecture, and Design. He then decided to try his hand at making jewellery and created his first collection in 1987 to rave reviews. His aim is to always create exquisitely beautiful objects that were handcrafted, originally created, and reasonably priced. Alex Monroe jewellery was created!

His gorgeous pieces of jewellery are created with timeless values in mind—to be worn, loved, and treasured!

Alex Monroe Jewellery is expertly handcrafted in sterling silver, 18 ct solid gold, certified Fairmined gold plate. It is renowned for its distinctive, organic detailing and style. Discover your favourite piece by learning more about his collections.


This collection sees Alex and his team celebrate the resilience and wonder of nature found in stark urban spaces. With striking sprouts of wild greenery determined to flourish wherever they can seed and take root. From cracks in concrete pavements to the crumbling mortar of brick walls. Competing for sunlight, leafy rosettes cluster together.

Silverado Style - The Wedding Edit - Silverado Jewellery
Silver Sprouting Rosette Necklace - Alex Monroe - Silverado Jewellery
Silverado Style - The Wedding Edit - SIlverado Jewellery
Gold Humble Beginnings Teardrop Earrings


Inspired by a universe of folklore and morals that have been passed down through generations of storytelling and motivated by the ancient knowledge of Aesop. Every treasure in Fables has a story to tell and a lesson to impart. With sterling silver and 22ct Fairmined gold plate, his skilled jewellers create all his designs in England.


Alex’s unique design, the Bumblebee necklace, became famous all over the world in 2008. With its meticulous intricacies and personality-filled replica of a genuine bumblebee that his three young girls found in the garden, it is simple to see why this longtime favourite has managed to hold on to people’s hearts.