Discovering Elegance: A Closer Look at Lisa Angel Jewellery

Lisa Angel Jewellery stands as a beacon of creativity, craftsmanship, and sophistication. Renowned for beautifully designed jewellery where each collection offers something for every taste. Let’s take a closer look at her latest collection now available in our stores and online and see for yourself what makes this affordable and on trend brand a firm favourite with our customers.

Clear resin nugget necklace - Lisa Angel - Silverado Jewellery
Pink aventurine half circle necklace - lisa angel - silverado jewellery

A Legacy of Craftsmanship and Creativity

Lisa Angel is a designer that epitomizes a rich legacy of craftsmanship. Each piece is designed with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that the wearer feels both unique and elegant. Established with a vision to create unique, high-quality pieces that reflect the essence of beauty and individuality, she has been consistently exceeding expectations in making trend driven costume jewellery at an affordable price and her latest designs do not disappoint!

Tiny star charm huggie hoop earrings - Lisa Angel - Silverado Jewellery
Green Tortoiseshell Resin Hoop Earrings - Lisa Angel - Silverado Jewellery

Diverse and Distinctive Designs

With such a wide array of designs, each boasting a distinctive charm, this collection has so much to be drawn to. From minimalist jewellery and contemporary designs to delicate and dainty vintage-inspired pieces, her autumn collection really does have something for every taste.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

In an era where ethical and sustainable practices are paramount, Lisa Angel Jewellery takes pride in adhering to responsible sourcing and manufacturing. She is committed to reducing their environmental impact and ensuring fair working conditions for those involved in the jewellery production process.

Rainbow bead and pearl bracelet - Lisa Angel - Silverado Jewellery
Pearl Double Chain Bracelet - Lisa Angel - Silverado Jewellery

A Brand for Every Occasion

Lisa Angel Jewellery is versatile, making it a perfect choice for various occasions. Whether it’s a casual outing, a formal event, or a meaningful gift, their range of affordable and trend driven designs cater to all moments in life. This is a brand that encapsulates elegance, creativity, and a commitment to quality. Explore the latest collection at Silverado Jewellery, and find a piece that resonates with your style, making a statement that’s uniquely you.