Minimalist Jewellery by One & Eight

Are you a fan of minimalist jewellery? You will love the latest collection from One & Eight. You will discover unique contemporary designs made from Sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver and hand-decorated porcelain. Each piece is beautifully packaged in a sustainable jar and cork lid that can be recycled and re-used.

You are spoilt for choice with this minimalist jewellery collection. Choose a pair of hand-painted porcelain earrings or an everyday simple gold plated stud earring.

We love the textured silver fan necklace that sits beautifully on the branded card within the miniature jar. The perfectly packaged designs make any piece easy to gift to friends, family and loved ones.

Discover a colourful collection of contemporary porcelain and fine metal jewellery. Designed with the mission to create minimal, timeless pieces that people of all ages can wear. 

An exciting new brand who are ethically motivated to produce jewellery and gifts that have a minimal impact on the environment. It’s their priority to source and manufacture in the UK.

we are excited to have restocked the original collection including some new arrivals from the latest collection. Take a closer look and find your new favourite.


Gold Mist Porcelain hoop earrings - One & Eight - Silverado Jewellery
Silver Florence Necklace - One and Eight - Silverado Jewellery
One and Eight Jewellery - jewellery gifts for Christmas - Silverado Jewellery
Silver annecy necklace - one and eight - silverado jewellery
Shimmer double disc earrings - One and Eight - Silverado Jewellery
Gold Mist Necklace - One and Eight - Silverado Jewellery
Silver Angel Earrings - one and eight - silverado jewellery