Gorgeous handmade jewellery from Rosie kent that is intricately detailed and made from sterling silver and 18ct gold vermeil over sterling silver.

After graduating from Central Saint Martin’s, Rosie worked as a jewellery designer for Alex Monroe and then went onto designing for leading high street brands. Since then she has opted for slow fashion and established her own brand focusing on quality and ethical materials. Rosie’s handmade jewellery is designed and handcrafted at her studio in the peak district.


Rosie is obsessed with detail, and her gorgeous textured pieces come alive when the light hits each one. The reflective trickery of metal, makes you believe an object is set with hundreds of stones rather than hundreds of tiny grains of silver.

Tyro Chain Necklace - Rosie Kent - Silverado Jewellery
Silver Tiny Shell Light Hoop Earring - Rosie Kent - Silverado Jewellery


Rosie often starts with patterns, she is really inspired by colour and shape. She wants her jewellery to tell a story and give you a glimpse into an ancient world. She believes these textures give the jewellery character and meaning.


Rosie creates her pieces using 3D software, some models can be covered in 1000’s of tiny grains, building a model on the computer and 3D printing the master is a much quicker way to achieve her ideas. These textured objects are then turned into jewellery by hand using recycled silver, gold and ethically sourced stones. Rosie is very proud that she has become a fairmined gold licensed brand.

Magma Hoop Earring - Rosie Kent - Silverado Jewellery
Adjustable Silver Wing Ring - Rosie Kent - Silverado Jewellery
Lava Fork Necklace - Rosie Kent - Silverado Jewellery