A collection of stud earrings making a big difference. The studs of hope collection from Vurchoo Jewellery are designed to make your morals match your style.

Vurchoo jewellery was founded by Alex Angel-Benscher. Originally starting his creative journey as a graffiti artist, he travelled the world. After this journey, he pursued his dream to help people through his creativity.

Alex wanted to create a brand that would make a positive impact on the world, at the same time as creating timeless pieces of desirable jewellery. Vurchoo was inspired immediately by Alex’s trip through Cambodia and seeing street children doing what they could to survive. The children were selling whatever they could, including fantastic creations they had made themselves, but without a proper outlet for them.

Alex knew he wanted to find a way to use his passion for design to help them. He decided to work with schools in all corners of the globe, knowing that they all needed an extra source of income, and asked the school children to draw whatever meant the most to them. The results were fantastic, from the colours of Africa to the emotions of Asia, each one was a reflection of the child’s story and the culture they were surrounded by.


Silver Vintage circle stud earrings - South Sudan - vurchoo jewellery - silverado
Silver stud earrings - Bangladesh - vurchoo jewellery - silverado

A collection of individual stud earrings to represent a country to give back to. Each design is inspired by a child’s drawing from somewhere around the world. For every sale 10 – 25% of the profits go back to help children in their communities access education.