Fortuna Opal Quartz Lotus Silver Ring

Sterling silver opal quartz adjustable ring.


A satisfyingly Smooth rich slice of opal quartz adorned with a silver lotus emblem and has been set on SVP's signature, super comfortable adjustable band that's designed to fit any finger.

Choose pretty Opal Quartz which is said to help with anxiety that depicts a lotus flower for peace and karma. The SVP Fortuna collection looks forward to positive happy times.

It's all in the detail

Gemstone size: 16mm x 12mm
Metal: Sterling Silver
Size: Fits any finger

Crystal Meaning

Blue Sunstone – Make me powerful

Opal Quartz – Give me optimism

Wear Opal Quartz for joy, optimism and creativity. This pretty gemstone is said to attract friendship and lovers. It can inspire hope, purity and happiness too.

Product code: SVR221


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